White Papers by The Enterprise Selling Group

Agile Selling

The pace of change in professional sales is staggering. Leaders change every 18 months, sales representatives change jobs every 2 years, the competitive landscape changes, new product introductions, acquisitions, diminishing product life cycles, and more. Today's sales organization has to be AGILE. This white paper introduces the framework for create a sales machine that's nimble, quick and sells more in the face of change.

Transforming from Product Centric Selling to Business Centric Selling

You've seen it before. Your team attends the latest sales methodology course, everyone is pumped up about what they learn, and they go back to doing the same things they did before. This white paper spells out the leadership activities required to lead your team to change their behavior. The outcome is a sales team that can sell three times as much!

Enterprise Selling

Selling to a sophisticated enterprise requires skills in navigating through an organization, situational awareness, business centric dialog interchange, political astuteness, and more. This white paper details these skills and presents them in a digestible framework that can be implemented by any sales professional, regardless of their experience.